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Everyone has a desire to be satisfies, happy and successful in life. Your horoscope can be used as positive guide to fulfill this wish. To avoid the failures and disappointments a person can make full use of his favorable planetary positions and alternate methods to deal with bad times.


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We provide Astrological solutions and guidance based on the planetary positions, strength of the planets, stars, dasa, buthi,anthara,sookshuma of the ruling planets, degrees and distance between the planets from the sun, bhava, manglik etc.


About Suguna Shakthi

What Do We Do ?

I'm Suguna Shakthi, a renowned Indian astrologer with many years of experience. I can give accurate horoscope readings and remedies based on your birth chart, I have inherited this skill from my ancestors, My descendants are there in this field for more than five generations.

Horoscope readings, a must have experience for any one in their life. The happenings in each human life is already decided at the time of birth. we can't change the birth time but there are ways to alter the negativity in the life. The position of planets in our chart have influence in our life. So it's important to know your horoscope readings and birth chart. For accurate past, present and future readings.

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Using the ancient technique of prasannam and suriya sidhantha method and also the planetary position in your chart, we provide detailed horoscope readings and remedies. Everyone has an innate desire to be satisfied, happy and successful in life. We fullfil this desire of yours.

Horoscope Reading

Jathagam predictions play a major role in the decision making process in our life. We accurately predict your horoscope.

Marriage Related Issues

We also help you to know and correct your various traits that have an impact on marriage life from the horoscope.

Relationship Issues

We provide solutions through astrology to understand your life and solve your relationship problems.

Finance and Business

We provide remedies for negativity and to be successful in your business and improve your financial position.


We provide solutions for getting good opportunities in job, and also retain the current job.

Removal of Black Magic

With the help of our ancestor's unique method we provide solutions against black magic, spell and curse.

Protection Against Negativity

We guide you to attract positivity and solutions to remove negativity in your life.

Solution to All Other Problems

To make your life happier and more successful If you want immediate advice, book your appointment with us.

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What My Client Say


“Actually I was searching for the right person like you to guide me overcome this problem. I'm Thanking God for finding you.I've got good job with high pay, my health and my relationship with my family is also getting better. Thank you for everything”

Logesh - Singapore

“I can't believe that how can you tell everything so perfectly without even seeing us. This is unbelievable. I have never met someone who can tell things this accurately”

Krishnaveni - Malaysia

“Thank you so much for your predictions. Thoughout my lifetime I was in search for someone like you, who could give a me 100% accurate prediction. However, you did not just stop with your prediction but went on to provide solution to all my problems. You have encouraged me and supplemented worries with a proper solution. I was lost in the darkness but you brought light to my life by providing me a way out of all my problems. You have answered all my doubts and questions without any hesitation. Your words are the pillar of encouragement. You will be able to make remarkable transformation in one's life. Thank you so much for prediction and support.”

Iswarya - France

“My son is not good at studies I'm very much afraid of his future, Suguna Shakthi predicted my son's past accurately and predicted that he has a bright future I didn't believe but it created a new hope in me.”

Saranya - Dubai

“My daughter is 28 years old still she didn't get a perfect match for marriage it's being a great burden for my family so I met Suguna Shakthi to know about my daughter's marriage, she said some suggestion and predicted strongly that she will be happily …”

Venkat - Malaysia

“Thank you so much Suguna Shakthi, you have been such a great person who gave me the correct direction and resolutions for my problems.”

Prakash - Saudi

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